Feeding Hungry

Kings Manna


Feeding the Hurgry Program:

We believe that everyone in the urban and suburban areas deserves a hot cooked meal. No one should ever go hungry. We strongly believe that reaching out to individuals, families, widows and to all can truly make a difference. We can be our brother’s keeper by changing and effecting the lives of many that go hungry every day. Here’s how; by reversing the attitude about how people feel toward the homeless with love and affection will eventually open their minds to explore the devastating issues that goes along with being hungry. Based on our research we discovered that hunger is much higher in the suburban neighborhoods than the urban households. With having to say all that you kill hunger by starving it and educating the clients and to approach hunger differently than before. We realize that if an individual is hungry you should feed that person. Feeding the intellectual state of the clients behavior can vigorously help them improve their level of fresh ideas in how to invade hunger terrorize its stench and end this war with victory. The King’s Manna is for everyone. We don’t discriminate, we educate, share, utilize all resources that will draw to a conclusion on what we’re doing in the communities will have a positive impact on the entire world. 

Daycare Transportation Assistance

Altar Of Incense

Gas Card Program

It’s very simple our children deserves a fair chance in life; in learning and developing how to decipher right choices before they are teenagers. For example knowing the difference between colors, numbers, shapes, sizes, playing together learning how to share and the difference between letters, just to name a few. The “Alter of Incense” program that, A Place For All Hurting People has developed will allow parents and guardians to transport their child or children to and from daycare without worries, frustrations or lose their focus.

The gas card will help the parents and legal guardians understand that frustrations, worries and concerns can be stabilized when approached from different angles. Here is how. Coming up with a conceivable angle defined as “multiple approaches to a particular problem or issue”, in order to achieve a need could measure that the cost of fuel could be extremely expensive for those who struggle to make ends meet.  

When we were located on the east coast we performed a survey and saw a great need for this program.  Now that we are here in Arlington, and after doing some research in Texas,  we found out that there is a great  need here also. We will do an in depth survey in the future that will cover  both Tarrant and Dallas Counties so that we can help the people.


Rise Above The Waters


Within this program clients will learn how to identify their personal behaviors, their strengths, and weaknesses what they need to do to become a productive citizen in today’s society and what can I do in order to change my circumstances by getting out of their rut. Rise above the waters reveals the reality that it’s time to start taking care of myself, make better choices, and be an example for my children. 

The term waters indicates anything that may have clouded your vision, any type of substance abuse, drug abuse or addictions, your original purpose for living, and anything that had hindered your success in life. There are different types of waters here a few: living in poverty, procrastination, drug addictions, alcohol abuse, chaos, porn, blaming others for your failures and conditions, spousal abuse and decay. Decay means to rotting and the breakdown of any form organic matter through the action of bacteria, fungi or other organisms. Our lives undergoes the same process when we don’t when we give up on life and when we stop caring.

To identify your personal behaviors one must take a personal inventory of themselves by asking the questions what am I doing with my life and be very specific. Am I responsible and can I be trusted? Am I managing my money the right way or am I throwing it all away on night life? And how can I change the situation? How do I understand my strengths and do I recognize my strengths? My strengths are that I’m very energetic and loving my weakness is that I tend to do more for others than for my own family. Here we recognize the problems we also recognize the steps in knowing that there are solutions that will help them disengage. To become a productive citizen get out of Egypt. Egypt is a place of torment, bondage, slave mentalities, and rioting lifestyles there’s nothing positive about Egypt. Nothing. 

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Read The Word Daily

Read The Word Daily


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Read The Word Daily

Read The Word Daily


No Reverse: Methods of Mechanisms


No Reverse-Methods of Mechanisms (M.O.M)

As I mention before in the program “Rise Above the Waters” that there is nothing good in Egypt. The bondage, slave mentalities, and the torment won’t seem to fade away. These elements holds no prejudice bias nor does it display favoritism. However, the clients will learn that once they realize that the freedom and the answers in which they were searching for has been with them throughout all those wasted years, it was with them all the time it was within. In recognizing that freedom you have always possessed gives you that opportunity and time to validate your decision by not deferring or hesitating your next move. 

The clients will also see that they have already began making productive decisions. Let’s discuss non-reverse which means you have taken over all conscious and unconscious mindset as you begin to put one foot forward you are in control and ready for the world. The three most common mechanisms that played a part on how you got in Egypt, but foremost how you escaped by forgetting those things which are behind and pressing toward the mark of the high calling. The three are adaptive, cognitive and radical behavior. 

The first mechanism adaptive deals with how well the clients can make the adjustments to their new way of thinking, living, and also maintain that type of progress. So coping with difficulties, frustrations and concerns since they escape Egypt concludes by upholding personal standards so other people won’t take advantage of who you are. The second one is cognitive. Enhance your lifestyle to greater heights far beyond the horizon and always retain organization.